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M/W/F , 2/18, 20, 22, 25, 27 + 3/1 2-4pm, $8/class. More details HERE.

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University of Michigan.


  • Tuesdays 11/7 and 11/14, 10-12pm, at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange. Drop-in welcome, donation based! More details HERE.

          "Mixed Practice/Physical Research" 

          Class description: At the core of this class, we will dance in order to practice and respect individual and collective imagination, perception, and reality-making as physical and sensory processes. Class begins with improvisational and task-based investigations that mine our anatomy and physiology for their poetics, nuance of sensation, and expressive possibility. We will navigate many ‘logics’ of moving- challenging the idea that there is any inherent value to one way of moving over another. Class is taught with the intention to be a community gathering of individuals, we will relish in our own explorations, and identify our own values as we dance with each other, and with attendance to the space we are in. Tapping into the resources we have to share as movers, performers, and humans, we will give ourselves permission to affect and be affected by, to support and be supported by the community that is the dance class. We will dig to uncover why it is we do what we do, in each moment, to affirm the extent to which we have the agency to make choices that are ours, and not solely rooted in conditioning which tells us that we should follow directions or do what we are told to do. We will ask how we can both challenge our habitual patterns and simultaneously dig deeper into them- respectfully investigating where they came from and why they are there. Respecting our histories,while pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be possible, we will aim to expand our sense of self.

Experience Required: This class will be geared towards those with previous dance experience, but is open to movers of any level of experience!


 Mondays 9/11- 12/4, (no class 11/6 or 11/27). 8:15-9:30pm, Third Root Community Health Center. Drop-in welcome, donation based! More details HERE.

          "Learning From and Listening to Our Senses": A Physical Meditation Practice

          Class description: As our relationships and engagements with phones, computers, and other forms of visually demanding technology increase in our daily lives, I find the need to search for a way to reset, to reclaim my vision for its many other capacities beyond those of reading and looking for the express purposes of identifying, interpreting and discriminating one image from the next. How can we employ our vision without seeing? Through guided but open-ended structures and meditations, we will attempt to temporarily let go of a need to see as we put our other senses to work. We will look at and discuss the anatomy of the eyes and other sensory organs, refine the perception of our other sense organs, and discuss the role our intuition and imagination play in what and how we see. We will see how we can re-engage and repurpose our vision as a collaborating sense rather than a dominant one, exploring all of our senses as guides for engagement with the practice of healthy communication between our ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ selves, and between ourselves and our communities.

Experience Required: None! This is open to anyone of any movement or meditation background.